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  • World War I diary/unit history written in ink by an officer in the unit and bound in a circa 1920s three-ring binder. The title page features an ink drawing of the unit’s flag over—“Battery ‘F’. 103rd Field Artillery, 51st Brigade F.A., 26th ‘Yankee’ Division, American Expeditionary Forces. History of the Battery’s Activities During the World War. by 1st Lt. J.P. Gaugler of Battery ‘F’.” A fascinating historical record of the unit’s service, written on 56 pages. The account is organized in nine chapters, with detailed accounts in each including “The Trip Overseas,” “Entraining For the Front,” “The First Piece Gets Stuck,” “The First Shot,” “A Forwarned Attack,” “The Million Dollar Prisoner,” “The First Advance,” “One Gun Goes Into Action with the Infantry,” “Galloping Into Action,” “Fired 2,700,000 Pounds of Shells,” “En Route Home,” and many, many more specific accounts. Do not believe this was ever published, and even if it did, this was the handwritten account of the unit’s service. Very good condition.
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