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  • Historic World War I typewritten diary kept by CORNELIUS VANDERBILT, JR., son of one of America’s great World War I-era financial tycoons. The first page of the diary is titled “THE WAR DIARY of a STAFF CHAUFFER by CV Jr/Private HQ Troop/27th Division/USA/American E.F.” There are just over 30, single-spaced typewritten pages with the first entry being on May 1st, 1918, and ending July 31st, 1918. Also included is a request for transfer into a mounted organization sighed in ink by Vanderbilt, Jr. The entries are very well written and detailed. The diary is also accompanied by another diary of just a few pencil-written pages, with the same title at the typed version, and identified as Part II. The first entry is dated Monday, May 27, 1918 (note: this date does not match the same text in the typed version). Again, interesting, well-written content. Finally, there is a wonderful photograph measuring about ll” by 14” showing Vanderbilt in his staff car as driver behind the wheel. Pencil caption on reverse side reads “Cornelius Vanderbilt Junior in his car as a dispatch driver for Maj. Gen’l O’Ryan of the 27th Division in Flanders. While carrying dispatches to the front young Vanderbilt was ‘gassed’ and his buddy, son of a New York fire captain, was blown to pieces.” The back of the photo is stamped “C-V NEWSPAPER SERVICE/52 VANDERBILT AVENUE/NEW YORK CITY” and in pencil, “(Please Return).” The diaries are in excellent condition; the photo’s edges are torn in places but the image is visible except for the edge of the rear tire. An exceptional group.