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SOLD: Shoot Ships to Germany and help AMERICA WIN

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  • World War I United States Shipping Board Emergency Fleet Corporation, Philadelphia poster encouraging more production of ships to assist the fight in Europe. Text reads—“At this Shipyard are being built ships to carry to our men ‘Over There’—Food, Clothing, and the Munitions of War. Without these ships our men will not have an equal chance to fight. The building of ships is more than a construction job—it is our chance to win the war. He who gives to his work the best that is in him does his bit as truly as the man who fights. Delays mean danger. Are you doing your bit? Are you giving the best that is in you to help your son, brother, or pal who is ‘OVER THERE’?” Artwork by “Adolph Treidler.” Issued by the Publications Section, Emergency Fleet Corporation, Philadelphia. Measures 19 by 25-1/4-inches. Good condition.
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