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  • World War I ink written diary kept by Corporal L. R. Lindsay, Bat. E, 388 FA. Written in ink, the diary begins on May 25, 1918 and ends on October 13, 1918. The first page is headed “Memoranda of A.E.F. trip,” with first entry describing Lindsay’s departure from Camp Dix and then traveling to the board the English ship “Cedric” for the voyage to Europe. The corporal includes much detail in his entries (includes specific foods eaten, details of the voyage over, etc.) as well as in the battles he witnessed. Participating in the St. Mihiel drive, Lindsay wrote on August 28, 1918, “Saw lines of tanks and guns ‘going up.’ Big naval guns on rail trucks…Each night we left, our position was shelled and shot to pieces. The shack we left a few hours before was shot up. We had nearly decided to stay there that night. Ground shook all around us with vibration of guns. The first day we saw our first German prisoners. Men, boys and between all ages and sizes, clean, well dressed and neatly looking. Our guards came back clothes torn, dirty and wounded. Ambulances tore back and forth and we began to feel the first real sense of war. All wanted to go up to front.” The entries cover 22 pages with handwriting small but very readable. In very good condition with front cover not attached to book.
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