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Appraisals of military artifacts are provided for individuals and public institutions by Art Beltrone of Beltrone & Company. Appraisals are used to obtain insurance coverage, establish the value of an artifact to be donated or sold.


Value of a donated item to a non-profit repository must be appraised and Beltrone & Company can provide the appraisal.


Art Beltrone will inspect, identify and describe the artifact to be donated and provide a detaile d appraisal report which includes the items current market value. Artifact photography is provided as required.


Military artifacts appraised by Beltrone % Company have been donated to national repositories including:

  • The Smithsonian Institution

  • Library of Congress

  • The White House

  • Military History Institute

  • National Museum of the United States Army

  • United States Marine Corps Museum

  • United States Navy Museum

  • United States Cavalry Museum

  • United States Army Medical Museum

  • Virginia Military Institute Museum

  • University of Virginia Special Collections









Military artifacts to be appraised require personal examination by Beltrone & Company. Provenance of the artifact will be requested. If the item’s history is not available, research will be conducted .

A detailed written appraisal report will give a description of the artifact including condition and historic significance.


Appraisal value is determined by considering sales of identical or similar items. Sales are incorporated into the appraisal report.

Photographs will also be taken of the appraised artifact or artifacts. These will also be included in the report.


Appraisal and photography fees are based on an hourly rate; travel and report production expenses are billed at cost.

Currently, If you claim a deduction for a contribution of "military artifacts", which includes military artifacts, worth more than $5,000, the IRS requires a qualified appraisal of the noncash property.

Art Beltrone conducts evaluation of historical item
Beltrone & Company sells top quality historic antique items
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