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  • World War I diary kept by Sgt. Maj. Wilford Kimber of Monson, Massachusetts, a member of the 4th Trench Mortar Battalion, who served from November 28, 1917 until June 5, 1919. Kimber arrived at Liverpool, England on October 7, 1918, after a voyage on the transport Briton from Pier 56 in New York City. After landing in England he was immediately sent to the Belmont Road Hospital suffering from “the Influenza.” He remained the hospital for 5 weeks and was then sent to the American Rest Camp at Knotty Ash. On December 9, 1918 he was transferred to the American Headquarters in London where he served in the Personnel Office. Then, on May 6, 1919, he was transferred to the U.S. Food Administration, American Embassy in London, ultimately being discharged on June 5, 1919. In the diary Kimber goes into great detail about seeing troops marching, aeroplanes flying, etc. Accompanying the diary is a photo of Kimber with torn corners, his two piece dog tag set with original neck cord, a World War I Victory medal with “FRANCE” bar, and a “MONSON, MASS” town service medal with frayed ribbon. The Victory medal is also somewhat frayed near the pinback bar. The diary is in very good to excellent condition.
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