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  • Partially-used World War I diary identified to a soldier. Unique example of yet another diary style made available to the American soldiers during the “Great War.” The diary’s cover is imprinted with “Calendar 1917” and under this “ENLISTED MEN’S BIBLE & PRAYER LEAGUE.” Front cover also features in its center an American eagle flanked by an American flag and another flag, blue in color, covered with white stars. Title page imprinted with “ CALENDAR FOR FIRST YEAR MEMBERS OF THE ENLISTED MEN’S BIBLE AND PRAYER LEAGUE, PREPARED BY GEORGE AVERY REEDER, INTERNATIONAL SECRETARY FOR THE RELIGIOUS WORK OF THE ARMY AND NAVY DEPARTMENT, EAST 28TH STREET, NEW YORK CITY.” A pledge page reads “It is my purpose, the Lord helping me, to read carefully the daily portion of the New Testament marked in the Enlisted Men’s Bible and Prayer League Calendar, and to remember regularly in my private devotions the daily prayer topics printed therein. I will also, as the opportunity offers, recommend this pledge to others.” On the “Name” line the soldier wrote “Everett E. Brumley” and on the “Date” line “Sept. 2, 1918.” There are two pages of hand-written entries, the first indicating the soldier was drafted April 27, 1918 followed by the camps in which he served. He sailed from England on June 26 landing in Le Harvre, France on June 27. Little else about his service follows. One page has the names and addresses of several comrades. Diary in very good condition.
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